Os ponemos la lista de los mejores artículos en Rehabilitación Multimodal de septiembre. Esperamos que os sigan de ayuda:

Enhanced recovery after surgery: Pain management.
Nimmo SM, Foo ITH, Paterson HM.

Safety of total gastrectomy without nasogastric and nutritional intubation.
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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Laparoscopic Surgery.
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Five Years, Two Surgeons, and over 500 Bariatric Procedures: What Have We Learned?
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Enhanced recovery after surgery-Preoperative fasting and glucose loading-A review.
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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Implementation: From Planning to Success.
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Compliance with Urinary Catheter Removal Guidelines Leads to Improved Outcome in EnhancedRecovery After Surgery Patients.
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Variation in care for surgical patients with colorectal cancer: protocol adherence in 12 European hospitals.
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An update on the management of postoperative nausea and vomiting.
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Standardizing the Protocols for Enhanced Recovery From Colorectal Cancer Surgery: Are We a Step Closer to Ideal Recovery?
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